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Tanker og petitesser på et virtuelt surfboard

Er der et "jeg" der surfer, eller...?

You were born for such a time as this!

6. Jun 2010 13:04, GreyT

Indeed interesting and reassuring to read this and other books on the, quite hyped, subject of what will happen in 2012.

To fall for the plot that we will all go together in 2012 either in a tidal wave or smashed by a huge meteor, so we might as well grap all we can now...--> why care about the consequences, is kind of political-greed-Hollywood spin-doctor style.

We have more options, and yes,  We were born for such a time as this!


Quotes from then book “The Mystery of 2012” – Predictions, Prophecies & Possiblities. (Page 424-426 by James O’Dea).

… This then is the time of her call, the call of Nature resonating through the spirals of countless galaxies, inviting us to come into presence, to full attention and a deep remembrance of our ties to the whole, ties that can never be dissolved. As humans we have been given a reflective consciousness and a capacity to witness the flow of life beyond the perimeters of the self and its particular needs and preoccupations. This capacity is so much more than an intellectual capacity to reason, analyze problems, and predict consequences. It is a capacity to feel the resonance of the wider universe, a more inclusive world, and to experience a deep reverence for all life.

We now know how intimately the body feels and senses the world around it. Our hearts orchestrate a symphony of electromagnetic and biochemical resonance when they feel the presence of love. The circuitry of our brains fires new neural pathways when it encounters fresh meaning and new insight.

Our consciousness is most deeply perceptive and lucid when it is spiritually immersed and compassionately involved in the unfolding of the full range of experience—in other words, when it is paradoxically both detached and engaged. This detachment is not a separating or uncaring stance; as many of the traditions point out, it is a deep surrendering and a releasing of the struggle of the small will, so that it is not confined by the logic of narrow self-interest. In this kind of surrender, we experience a profound trust that, below the surface of the visible world, there is a vitality, an inspiring aliveness, and even a source of greater guidance. As detachment nurtures our sense of mysterious connection to a story so much larger and so much more multifaceted and dimensional than our little local identity, we are freed to engage in serving the world with a greater sense of being representatives of that great story, rather than missionary partisans for some narrow aspect of it. Our ability to develop an inclusive compassion is greater now than it has ever been. Of course, we have far to go, but we see global responses to natural catastrophes and diseases; we see a rise in philanthropic ventures and hundreds of thousands of organizations promoting rights, ecology, and poverty alleviation and as many celebrating arts and culture.

Now imagine this responsiveness multiplied across religious and cultural divides—not stuck in punitive approaches to crime and violation, but rather applying healing and restorative modalities, and also restoring local economies and ecologies, building communities skilled in dialogic approaches to conflict, and cultivating appreciation for diversity.

For some, it will be hard to see that humans can and will evolve in this way; polarization has a way of fixating our attention and pulling us into its fragmentation and division. The sheer scale of corporate control and military budgets can paralyze us with feelings of powerlessness, and the persistent shallowness of political life can lead us to cynicism. But, like buds that have held tight in their own growth, humanity will blossom. Our blossoming will be the emergence of a consciousness no longer trapped in the old dualities, but reaching and spreading out beyond all narrow beliefs, identities, and affiliations. Our blossoming will come from inside the corporate world as well as outside, from inside and outside of politics, from transformed models of activism and altruism. Our collective emergence will be defined by feelings of oneness and communion with "all our relations." It will be accompanied by feelings of great expansiveness and generosity. We will want to open to others, to fully greet them with an appreciation for the mutuality of all suffering.

When we are ready to open up to one another, the first thing that becomes visible is the wound. Wounds need to be cleaned before they heal. Our wounds and the wounds we have inflicted on Nature are one. The wound in Nature is gaping; it is time to heal it. What a rich time of healing lies ahead. It has, of course, already begun. Visualize engaged healing activity in every sphere and across the planet from 2012 to 2020, and you will get a taste of things to come.

You were born for such a time as this!

I also recommend  "Fractal Time" by Greg Braden and "Spontaneous Evolution" by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman.




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