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The multidimensional pool table

7. Oct 2009 20:13, GreyT

The heading is intended as an eye catcher and a reference to what will follow in the text below! Yet it has little to do with my reflections on this matter. Bear with me, and with your own curiosity. As of writing I don’t know where it’s heading, just that something wants to form into words, and in English rather than Danish.

The trigger was, once again, some clipping on the net on the option that this, “OUR”, universe might not be the only one, that there might be simultaneous universes, referred to as parallel universes!

I sensed a flavour of ridicule in the article, that the mere hint of other universes intruding onto our piece of space was crazy and not come IL faut.

And of course it is ridiculous to consider multiple universes occupying the same space. And its quite natural, because that would need more so called dimensions than the 3  (x,y,z)we are able to address. No matter how bright my insight may be, the description of it is restricted to the practicalities of  “my world”.

So seen from an (x,y,z) world the idea of something “more” can in reality only be described as same + parallel. It’s a paradox and it’s inherent in it’s nature. Can’t be different… still we venture again and again into mind spins of how it could be.

This led me to the pool table, as metaphor, because from our perspective it’s slightly more justifiable to describe how a world will look when the numbers of dimensions are reduced.

Where our (x,y,z) world can be seen much like the climbing devices found on playgrounds, made of tubing connected at right angles, so one can climb around forward and backwards, left and right, up and down, thus going in any direction, how would it be if the up and down was removed? How would it be to live only in the (x,y) world?

This is where the pool table comes in. And yes I do know that although the surface is flat, the balls are still spheres. So imagine you stand at the pool table and pushes one of the many balls. It can bump into others and not go beyond the edges, which by the way of two dimensions are slightly disturbing, but it can indeed go around another inhabitant / object / ball.

Should it happen that one ball (oddball) got the idea that there could be more dimensions, it would only be able to think in terms of more pool tables – parallel pool table universes adjacent to its own. Parallelism as in a stack of cards or a block of paper, which for us is quit acceptable, does not exist as an option for pool table inhabitants!

The trick you may have seen, that poolsharks can perform, shooting one ball in a jump over another ball, can only be experienced as magic: one ball being there, suddenly disappearing for a short moment only to reappear somewhere else on the pool table! Pure MAGIC, and impossible to consider, still it happens. And if you really shoot pool you make balls disappear in the designated positions, for them to magically all reappear in triangular formation in the middle of the world.

Do you think I am off on a tangent? Well, maybe you have heard of “Black Holes” and “Worm holes”- they are some of our magic spots ;-) trying to grasp the impossible events taking place in this (x,y,z) world.

Are you ready for further reductions? If you take away right and left from the pool table environment you end up with a single bi-directional line: you can go one way or the other, and you are stuck with your neighbours. Still, miracles may happen, you may loose a ball, so to speak, but then there will be another, out of nowhere. Simpler to visualize, if you take the balls from the pool game and put them in the gutter (Gutter is the half tube that collects the rainwater from your roof!)  they can move only back and forth. And… for an entity residing in the (x,y, z) environment this is silly mind spin, mainly because we cannot experience it as is,  but only through metaphors relating to OUR truth.

So the shortcomings work both ways.

Time! What about time then? Is time not the 4’Th dimension? NO. Has anyone ever seen a second, tasted it, smelled it or held it in your palm? Does the absolute grandfathers clock not reside in the middle of the universe? ;-) Hardly, and what would it give us anyway?

Time has been invented as a self-sustaining metaphor for that which we cannot fit into our daily lives. WE take great pride in time, the ability to measure and reproduce time in picoseconds… and we also use time to define when “It all started” with the big BANG, and after that there was kind of quiet, too much energy to manifest into anything, for around 350.000 years. Then the light started (Possibly it was then God touched the main switch!), gee we are SO clever.

So what to do, I cannot describe or forecast that which is “above“ the (x,y,z) world, but some occurrences indicates that we have not seen it all. One item is my favourite Möebius band. It clearly has two sides; still I can prove there is only one. And cutting it in certain secret ways will show more amazing qualities.

The other is the laser hologram. I will not venture into detailed description of how it function, just that the “photo” or slide is in reality only (x, y) and looked at in normal light is just a mess of dots. However when using a laser beam with same properties as when exposed, you can actually experience a picture in true (x, y, z). Amazing, eh? The other part with holograms are that even if you take just a fraction of the original film and expose you will still get the whole picture.

It’s amazing and happening just because the photons decided to follow one common beat, rather than tap-dancing at their own whim.

On the non physical side, we have really no idea where dreams come from, why we have this state, where the bright ideas come from……. Many many suggestions but no real clues, can’t be, we lack the sensory system for that. The closest is that one may be enlightened, a wizard, or a screwball. And any of these “states” are define as being “not of this world”.



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