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Tanker og petitesser på et virtuelt surfboard

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The demise of the virtual dinosaurs

19. Jul 2010 20:09, GreyT

We know that dinosaurs were huge and scary. We look at them as rulers of the planet, and had it not been for a random meteor some 64 millions years ago they would probably still have been here, and mankind would never have developed!

Today we face some other dinosaurs, some very huge dangerous monsters. If we as a species shall be able to continue living we must bid these dinos goodbye.

It is not a matter of designing fearsome weaponry or other schemes to root these monsters out. That’s truly Mission Impossible, because all these monsters are virtual beings. They have no physical form, yet the move around and RULE in all our daily lives.

These are the dinosaur monsters totally ruling our lives today, singlehanded or in cooperation with fellow dino’s, but they all MUST go:

·      Greed

·      Money

·      Profit

·      Interest rates

·      Banking

·      Corporations (which is any organisation that focus on profit for shareholders, rather than on what and how they manufacture / produce)

·      Business plans are more important than any kind of living organism

·      “Bigger is better”

·      “Faster is better”

·      “More is better”

·      Use, and throw out

·      Mankind is superior to Nature

·      Survival of the fittest (Darwinism)

·      Vanity, the ME ME ME, then maybe my neighbour

·      Armageddon will / must happen

Please remember that this is just my version, still I hope it will give you time and inspiration to reflect and act!

There are two major things that will help us in our effort to survive. The constant questions you put to yourself in every single acts in your daily life: “Is this for the benefit of ALL?” and “Do I really need this?”

If you cannot truly answer yes to the first question, then you do not really need it either, and please do remember: YOU are included in this ALL.

Should you for some reason still feel you need that specific item, take a look at the list and recognize if a Dinosaur is talking.


I know they will fight back, they have supporters, but these Dinosaurs are truly virtual, like ghosts, without substance of their own, and they are only kept alive by our fear of them.

Face them unflinching, with clarity, resting as awareness in this beautiful moment of NOW, and say: “I am taking a new track”.




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