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Open Intelligence…

6. Oct 2011 20:56, GreyT

These are indeed unexpected times. When the rebellions spread in the middle-east, this was met with enthusiasm in the west, in the US, finally ”they” were ready for  ”our” democracy. Lots of exposure in the media everyone giving his or hers firm opinion on the importance of the events, and quite a number of neo-liberals rejoiced by the prospect of new markets to develop!  

Did anyone really check if these people wanted our western model? Hardly, because in the western democracies it is taken for granted that we have the best systems for society, and its infallible.

So what happens when a few New Yorkers also wants something different and better than the system and conditions the face today? The same media and TV stations ignores this ”shameless outcry”, and the police uses brute force when confronting these citizens. How do I / we know? Because the TV station Al Jazeera aired it. This is one of the great benefits of the internet, you can shop for your own truths, compare the different sources and decide which version you may trust.

As I understand the Occupy Wall Street movement, they are not protesting so much against the existing system, it is not a riot, although the media tries to label it that, but these people wants something better and thereby different from what they have today. They are not burning Wall Street down, they are ”the kids from the next block” and they want a better life based on …? We and they don’t quite know how this will be formulated, but the good old US-western model is indeed being dumped by them.

Yesterday brought the sad news of Steve Jobs death. If anyone, he is the model of the American dream of ”making it”. His death coincide with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and his very personal speech from 2005 contains also these words, so very relevant, and this can be seen as an integral part of the momentum for this movement:

Don’t waste your time here on earth by living someone else's life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of other peoples opinion drown out your own inner voice… follow your heart. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

The essence of Steve's words are simple: Trust your intelligent heart, connect to the Open Intelligence, the source through which we all, beyond colour, race and gender are connected.

New forms and constellations will arise in society, the times they are indeed a changing… Stay hungry. stay foolish.


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